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    Zane (Edited )

    Thanks for your post, my apologies for the belated attention to it.

    Very sorry to hear there is some distortion occurring when making changes. There are a few things you could check for this (some of them might seem trivial, but are worth a try):
    Is the issue present using the SoundID Reference app with a certain output device/interface only or is the issue present using the app with ALL output devices (including built-in speakers/built-in headphone output)? 
    Have you tried increasing the Safety Buffer to see if that makes any difference: Safety buffer in Reference Systemwide?
    Another thing would be trying both Systemwide output modes (WASAPI and ASIO). See instructions here: ASIO/WASAPI output modes in Reference 4 Systemwide [WIN]

    You have noted that you are now running Windows 11 and to potentially help with the issue you are encountering, we have a Beta version available for Reference 4 that includes Windows 11 support. I can recommend trying it out and seeing whether the performance is improved at all. 
    For Beta install instructions, take a look at our guide here: Reference 4 Beta software releases 
    For a statement on Windows 11 support, see here: Reference 4 compatibility with Windows 11 

    If the issue does still persist, let us know and we'll look into it further! 

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