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    Kārlis Stenders (Edited )

    Hi Gary, thanks for the post! 

    Both are possible - you can either use the plugin format in DAW, or you can assign your DAW output to the SoundID Reference standalone app instead (also possible with Reference 4, outputting directly to the Systemwide app). Both methods have their advantages:

    • The go-to method would be using the plugin format on your DAW master output, as shown in the article you're referring to above. The advantage of this is the true-zero latency performance of the plugin format and no additional CPU resources for running the standalone app format in the background.
    • For a more streamlined solution for the plugin format, you can also establish a separate monitoring bus in your DAW for the Reference plugin (independent from the print track), which will eliminate the need to bypass the plugin for rendering your project. See how to set it up in this article: Using a dedicated monitoring bus for the SoundID Reference DAW plugin
    • Alternatively, you can assign your DAW output to the SoundID Reference standalone app (or the Systemwide app for Reference 4 users). This is probably the easiest setup of all, as it requires no additional steps for rendering the DAW project because the calibration is already taking place outside of DAW. The instructions for this can be found in the video you're referring to, available at the top of this article: Setting up with the SoundID Reference app
    • You can also run both the standalone app and the plugin format in DAW at the same time too - the plugin takes care of the production side in DAW, while all other audio is calibrated by the standalone app in the background. For this scenario, make sure that you are using the DAW plugin in Logic only, and outputting the Logic signal straight to your interface, bypassing the standalone app altogether (to avoid double correction - you don't want the DAW signal calibrated to be calibrated twice).
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