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    Kārlis Stenders (Edited )

    Hi Glenn, thanks for posting! 

    I've had a look at your support ticket thread, and it looks like it was resolved by suggesting the Reference plugin format instead. However, I would like to elaborate on solutions for routing the DAW output to the Reference 4 Systemwide app instead:

    For Reference 4, it will not be possible to route the DAW signal into the Systemwide app while the DAW is running in ASIO. It is, however, possible to assign Systemwide as your DAW output if the DAW is running in DirectSound/WASAPI. For Ableton in particular, this should be available as an MME output in the Ableton output settings (see the screenshot below). From there, you can choose between the WASAPI/ASIO output modes in Systemwide, depending on your own preference; see here: ASIO/WASAPI output modes in Reference 4 Systemwide [WIN]

    For SoundID Reference users, there is now an option to output directly to the SoundID Reference standalone app (the equivalent of the Systemwide app in Reference 4), with DAW running in ASIO too! This is now possible with our brand new Virtual ASIO to ASIO driver, which can establish a direct link between DAW in ASIO and the ASIO output device while processing the sound in the standalone app. See how to set this up in this article: Setting up Virtual ASIO to ASIO driver in the SoundID Reference app [WIN]


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    Glenn Petersen

    Thanks for the reply Karlis

    I've downloaded a trial of SoundID and will see how that goes.


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