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    Kārlis Stenders (Edited )

    Hi Antonio, 

    Thanks for the detailed feedback, very much appreciated!

    We actually haven't done any development or testing for touch screens yet. I'll make sure the developers get the memo and see what we can do about it. I have also taken note of the IU improvements you're suggesting, although some of those points are there by design. For example, the recently used profile section contains both speaker and headphone profiles to access them with two clicks only. It only contained speaker or headphone profiles respectively, you'd have to click three times to access the desired profile. There are five profile options in that drop-down menu - way more than most of our users need, so it makes sense to us. You're always welcome to convince us otherwise though, we'll have an objective look. 

    Safe Headroom level - definitely, this is one of the things that haven't been properly automated. But we need to be careful in that regard, the volume logic cannot be compromised - it's essential that the volume doesn't jump up and down when switching between profiles (or turning Systemwide on/off for that matter - all of those need to give smooth experience and also A/B test things in the same volume).

    Different settings for different output channels/devices are partly in place already (make sure to update to beta for the smoothest experience - it's available in the installer). We will continue making improvements in the coming months, and you'll see exactly what you're looking for - different user presets and specific settings assigned to specific outputs. 

    Point taken about the labels too. By the way, in the latest version, there's a new function to the SW icon in the icon tray: press Alt + left mouse click on the SW icon to enable/disable the correction!

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