Sonarworks mic calibration file



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    Kārlis Stenders (Edited )

    Hi John, 

    The mic calibration file is there to compensate for any discrepancies in the mic freq. response. This will calibrate the mic and make it totally flat so that you're able to get the most accurate reading of your speakers and room. 

    With the combination of our individually calibrated XREF 20 mics and the 4.1 Measure update, we are now able to get an unprecedented ±0.9 dB measurement accuracy!

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    John Sammons

    Hi Karlis


    I had the first ref 4 headphone Sonarworks.

    I upgraded to the studio edition with mic and the update came through.

    Things started to look a little different.

    I went through the installing process to find that i had loaded everything up and something was not getting me past the third screen on "Let's get you started". The video's on Utube are all the older versions and ref 3.

    I got a little frustrated and uninstalled everything and started again. This time i just loaded the 64bit win 10 version.

    Started the process again and i got passed that third screen and on to the microphone part.

    All went well after that and I realize that the Mic calibration file was sorted when i put the mic code in.( I wondered why i could not get there at first and wondered where that calibration file was to be slotted in)

    Now I have to learn to use this in Cubase 10 and after half a day today I got some joy after slotting the program into the control room.

    Up to now i find only subtle changes,nothing drastic,so I now hope my bass end problem comes good .

    I had muddy mixes and could not get that boom out of the mix.

    Six months ago Paul White, main  editor from Sound on Sound magazine came to visit me after a SOS and helped me treat my home studio nasty square room out as best as possible and the triangle of death!!

    So to cap it all It was a bad install first time and eventually saw the light.

    Thank you very much for replying to me as these things do have a long learn curve and I have managed to bungle my way through somehow. If something is idiot proof i still fail!! Lol!!


    All the best


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