Clicks and latency issues with last windows 10 update (1903) and reference 4.3



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    Kārlis Stenders (Edited )

    Hi Alejandro!

    We have received multiple reports about clicks and pops on Windows by now and we do have a pretty good idea why this is happening, although there are still some aspects that we're investigating. 

    Fixing this issue is now a top priority and we are working on a new software release as we speak. An update released early next week will fix the dropouts on most machines, but there might still be some edge cases that need further investigation. 

    The fix might also be available before the weekend - we will publish the next beta version in the installer as an alternative option to the current version.

    Hang tight guys, we're on it! 

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    Alejandro Canosa

    That's great to hear Kárlis, waiting for the fix! I forgot to clear out that the issue only happens in the systemwide mode, VST on the DAW works flawlessly!

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