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    Kārlis Stenders

    Hi Nikos, 

    Unfortunately we've had to remove the simulation feature for legal reasons. There are other companies out there still managing to keep a similar function, but cannot answer for them. We also have long term collaboration plans with manufacturers, so ruining those relationships is not an option for us. 

    That being said, we love the simulation feature too and we will be looking for a way to bring it back in the future!

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    Sébastien Dontigny

    Personally i didn't use the headphones ans speakers simulation much.

    What i really liked and used was the "average small/big/all speaker simulation"

    And theses should not be a legal issue unless instead of measuring your owns speakers and create average, you took (Steal?) these curves made from some other companies.

    Therefore i would strongly vouch for the return of theses curves at the very least.

    Thanks for listening


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