Can't install SoundID Systemwide and can't sign-in in Measure and VST/AAX


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    Kārlis Stenders (Edited )

    Hi Vitaly, 


    Thanks for the post and apologies for missing it earlier! I'm going to share your workaround with others, I hope you don't mind:


    Just in case it would help anyone else, I was unable to install the SoundID Reference app, 
    because there was a leftover folder in Windows 10 DriverStore and the SoundID installation
    couldn't delete it (or overwrite) I guess. So I've removed it manually via command prompt
    using pnputil.exe (more info in this guide:
    and finally installed SoundID Reference 5.0.3 (build 130) without issues!


    Although at the time our response time was indeed long, we did catch up and the issue was of course resolved eventually. The SoundID Reference installer was improved to avoid such issues in the future. In fact, our installer itself received a major update in September, resolving a bunch of different issues. 


    If anybody is still having any installation issues, please get in touch and let us know!

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