my Right channel signal seem to be louder than the left


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    Kārlis Stenders (Edited )

    Hi everyone! 


    This question was answered in a support ticket but Iet me elaborate on this for anybody else wondering about this:


    Speakers would generally differ in output levels and Reference 4 will compensate for that. So not only L and R channels are calibrated separately, but also the overall L and R volume difference is being calculated and compensated for. The difference in L and R output levels is not a mistake - it is correct! One of the channels is being boosted more than the other, in order for actual physical volume coming out of the speakers to be balanced.


    For example, if your right speaker is quieter due to the acoustics or placement, Reference will output a higher level to it and you will see that difference it in the output VU meters. The result will be equal loudness in both speakers in the room physically.


    The feature that is responsible for it is called Listening Spot, available at the bottom DSP settings strip (see below). It also compensates for L/R timing differences too, not just the l/R level differences. The Listening Spot feature can also be turned OFF manually for any reason the user wishes. 


    I hope this helps, thanks for the question!



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