Reference 4 Headphones vs System-wide audio EQ software


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    Hey Benjamin, 

    That is a completely reasonable query!
    Reference 4 consists of two general software units that perform the calibration - The plug-in (VST, AU, AAX) and Systemwide which functions as a virtual output device.
    While the plug-in is meant to be used within your DAW, Systemwide is usually utilized for all other system sounds.
    Both the plug-in (In your DAW) and Systemwide can run simultaneously as long as you have set the output of your production software to be your interface directly.

    It is also possible to use Systemwide exclusively if you wish to, but then it would have to be set as the output of your DAW and plug-in removed from the signal chain.
    That might, however, introduce some extra latency to your projects.

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