Sennheiser HD 560S similar profile?


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    Hey Greg, 

    I understand your frustration!
    The list of headphones on our agenda is quite extensive and we are doing our best to measure and create profiles as fast as possible.

    However, I cannot recommend using a profile that has not been made for this profile specifically.

    In our experience, no two headphone models are alike, even similar and seemingly identical models will often differ significantly in their sound signature. For that reason we cannot recommend using a calibration profile of a different model on your pair - our translation standard can't be guaranteed and might have severe anomalies if used in this manner.
    We are however expanding the supported model list rapidly and we always take note of these cases as model requests. User requests are a big part of prioritizing new additions, so your request definitely counts and will not get lost. If you still wish to pursue calibration on your headphones, you can always send them in for the individual calibration service. That will also give you the ultimate accuracy, find out more here:

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