ASIO4ALL with Systemwide


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    Kārlis Stenders (Edited )

    Hi Michael, thanks for sharing!

    Yes, technically it should work. In reality, however, ASIO4ALL can introduce all sorts of driver conflicts and compatibility issues, which are all specific to the given setup components and their configuration. ASIO4ALL is known to cause issues with Systemwide in the past, there are other problematic drivers too. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to reproduce these issues in-house for a fix, so a very limited amount of these problems get to a development stage for improvement. 

    There are, however, other driver options that should work a lot better as well as the WASAPI output mode in Systemwide - even with problematic driver combination there is usually at least one stable configuration solution (this is why we introduced the second output mode in the first place: to give users some more options in case they are running into any compatibility issues). For extreme cases, there is actually a way of disabling a problematic ASIO driver too, see here: Blacklisting ASIO drivers in Reference 4 Systemwide [WIN]

    For a more permanent solution, we are actually working on brand new drivers and overhauling the entire software build structure, which should give us a significant improvement leap in stability. We can also create a support ticket and have a closer look at your setup individually - just let us know, many thanks!

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