Using Systemwide for headphones, how do I add my uncalibrated speakers?


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    Kārlis Stenders

    Hi Juan, 


    Thanks for the post and apologies for the long waiting time here! I'm sure that by now you've already established a configuration that fits your workflow - it would be great if you share it! 


    The answer here is negative, I'm afraid. Currently, the Reference 4 software doesn't feature a dedicated solution for this issue. In this instance, you would have to turn the software off to switch to speakers. However, there are some workarounds possible - you could create a blank preset for the speakers using a random headphone profile:


    Take a random headphone profile and create a preset with it for the speakers. Turn the calibration OFF for this preset - the preset will remember this setting so every time you switch to it, it will be turned off. You can also turn off the Safe Headroom feature and max out the output volume in Systemwide. That way the speaker output channel level is not affected either. 


    It is not the most elegant solution but it should do a pretty good job!

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