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    Hey Chris,

    The readily available average profiles are average summaries from several different units measured and tested (because even the same model headphones will differ from pair to pair in frequency response). Due to that build inconsistency, there can be small anomalies in the flat target.

    The individual calibration service and individually pre-calibrated headphones in our store will give you the ultimate accuracy, as the calibration is specifically tailored for your individual pair of headphones. With individual calibration, each channel is measured and corrected separately to correct for any stereo imbalance too.

    The accuracy of average profiles is ± 3dB, while individual calibration is ± 0.9dB, although both numbers are usually lower.

    Regarding the differences between these three models specifically, you should be able to see the trends by loading all three of the profiles in Systemwide and comparing them. As far as I know, all of these three models have very different characteristics.

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