Is there the possibility of A monitor controller with this software as a DSP to make this truly available to any setup?


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    Luca Miolla

    Well I don't mind that much about latency, the purpose of the software is to give a good sound reference mostly for mixing and afterwards but the idea of making a hardware version of it was in my head since a lot. I mean you can record and deactivate it for maximum response and then put it back and listen better.
    The problem with me is the windows software, mostly everytime I need to randomly select another sound source because I get no sound and small artifacts like that.
    Plus if I have a speaker profile on and I want to hear from headphones I'll need to change profiles on purpose.

    Having an hardware device to put between the speakers and one between the headphones would just make everything perfect, no random processes in the background dealing with windows.
    Plus it would hopefully have a low latency, enough to watch a movie/video without desync or heavy resource use (like in linear phase mode).

    So...yep, everybody shut up and take my money, I want an hardware device! :D

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