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    Marcel Bruijn

    Hi Eric,

    About 4.

    I know from using Ref 4 Headphone edition that you can keep both open, and when you are in your DAW the Systemwide is bypassed, and when you are playing a tune outside your DAW the Systemwide version will be active and the DAW version will be bypassed. 

    So, in short, you can keep both running, one will be bypassed automatically.

    I add that Systemwide will not always work when you are outside your DAW. In my experience when working with a virtual instrument outside your DAW you will see an error message, the Systemwide version doesn’t match virtual instruments (my impression is it doesn’t with all VI’s, not sure about this, I am not a specialist).

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    I know your post is old, but I thought I'd answer some anyways.

    1. Not sure. TBH, it might be hard to use the stand with having to keep moving it around for all of the measurement points. The mic needs to be pointed at the center of the two speakers, so an axis, not just left/right/up/down. It will probably be more helpful if you want to take a break or sneeze so you can remember the exact height needed.

    2. Yes, definitely. Even just clicking polarity does.

    3. I don't know about that part but my !@# ass Presonus DAC needed to be at 95% or higher for it to even get a decent level, and then that wasn't high enough! If you don't want to increase your gain any more, turn your speakers up loud instead and use that as your gain.

    4. Supposedly. Systemwide is supposed to run in WASAPI remember, because that's how Windows works (nothing aside from audio programs even know to look for ASIO or special drivers).

    5. I leave it on 24/7. I mean it's best in the sweet spot but if you room has problems you want some form of correction, right!? If really concerned, use masking tape to outline several main positions you work at and then separately measure those two. You can then easily swap between calibrations.

    6. I think the mic isn't, but it says "omnidirectional polar pattern"

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