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    Stewart Smith

    I'm feeling it for Alexander. I bought some KZ AS10 just so I'd have a respectable(?) earbud set I could apply Tru-Fi profile to. It makes a noticeable and positive improvement to my listening with them. Perhaps not "Reference" grade, but I'm thinking there is _nothing_ in the technology that stops Sonarworks from sharing that 'sloppy' profile to a paying Reference 4 owner, if they ask.Add a caveat, whatever.

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    Alexander Feder

    Come on guys, please, just give us True-Fi earbud profiles.

    It's OK if it's not 100% perfect. We don't want 100% perfect, we at least want something to play with and make our own mind about.

    Please offer some kind of experimental option in Reference to let us have the True-Fi profiles. I would find the Apple Earpod profile very useful. I have already tried it on True-Fi and sure it may not be as accurate as headphones, it is more than good enough for me and for many other people.

    Thank you for considering this

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    Hey Ven,

    Some headphones are not included with the reference this case, it would be in-ear units that are not included  It is so because Reference has slightly higher calibration accuracy standards than True-Fi which, sadly, cannot yet be reached with in-ear headphones.

    At the moment high enough consistency cannot be achieved due to the fact that the frequency response of these units is very dependent on the placement within the ear and the shape of the ear canal.

    I hope this clears things up!

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