Hifiman HE400i Profile Too Much Bass - Reference 4



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    James Gammon

    Seconded - my pair of 400i are unusable with Sonarworks for this reason.  

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    Kārlis Stenders

    Hi everyone, 

    The Hifiman HE400i had a major change in design from 2015 onward. Any changes in construction or hardware parts used can have a major effect on the performance of the profile.

    Unfortunately for the older model (before the 2015 release), the removal of the driver back plate has resulted in a major change in freq. response. Since the measurements have been done with the newer model, the owners of the previous version are missing out, as it's difficult to get hold of a significant number of the older units for testing. 

    If you're interested in arranging a mutually beneficial deal of having an individual calibration profile made while contributing to the 'average' profile for the older model, please submit an individual support ticket for more details. 

    As for the differences in measurements with other entities - the data you're referring to is raw technical measurement data. I cannot go into much detail on our methodology as it is confidential information, but our measurement techniques include both hardware as well as extensive human testing too. We believe that no dummy can fully replicate the effect of placing the headphones on an actual human head and the change in freq. response that it creates. hence the difference.


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