Hoping for help with Measure generating a usable response



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    Christoph Bäurle

    Hey Hugh, did you ever get any answer / solution offered? That community seems to be a dead end road. Btw I also experienced severe problems with the measurement and correction of the low end and low mid region. For me the software is currently not usable.

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    Hugh Healy

    Hello Christoph,

    No I did not.  Chris from Sonarworks was quite friendly in our interactions but each exchange took many days, up to a week, and my trial ran out after a few exchanges.  He sent me another trial code but I haven't used it because Measure does not generate adequate results if there's a large mixing desk and/or a front soffit.

    I attempted to get it to work with a total of approximately 70 attempts to use Measure, approximately 12 of those were able to get through the measurement process and the rest failed.  This was attempted in a total of 3 studios.  Of those 12 successful Measure results none generated responses that were in any way usable.  I fully appreciate the "use it and and you'll like it" concept but these genuinely sounded bad and, specifically, did not correct for the acoustic and speaker response anomalies that need to be corrected.

    I was able to demonstrate with deployable acoustic absorption panels that Measure will not complete the measurement process if a mixing desk or front soffit is creating reflections.  I tried so many times to get it to work because I wanted it to work - I'm trying to find a repeatable process for tuning a studio that I can hand off to one of my coworkers because I'm tired of doing it.  I wanted this to work.

    I agree with your assessment, the forum is not a valuable place for information.  I was hoping another user had seen the same anomalies and would be able to assist, unfortunately all my posts were delayed by many days, not sure why, and some were never posted.  The above post was only one, the other follow-up posts never made it onto the forum, not sure why but a bit weird.

    Good luck, SonarWorks is not for large studios, perhaps it works adequately for bedroom beatmakers but until they figure out the reflection issues in a real studio with a real desk it does not function as advertised.



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