Include crossfeed option for headphones



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    Kārlis Stenders (Edited )


    Yes, that's definitely a feature worth considering! Unfortunately, our focus is on other things at the moment, but a crossfeed feature will definitely be considered for a future update!

    Thanks for taking an interest and sharing your feature requests!

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    James Gammon

    Agree completely with this.  This would save me time and allow me to use only Sonarworks systemwide.  As it is I have to use a more complicated option so that I can use Sonarworks and a crossfeed plugin.  Honestly, you guys could just license it from someone like Goodhertz etc. and include it as a paid upgrade and I would be fine with that, it's more about the convenience of having it all in one.  

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    Mattias Dabo

    It would undoubtedly add the value to Sonarworks considerably. I'm sure that anyone who have listened to a crossfeed in headphones would agree. It would add the typical "out of head" non-fatigue characteristic of speakers but without the problems of a room.

    It could easily be added to the existing GUI, perhaps as a few presets or something. The obvious location for the controls would be at the bottom next to the "Linear Phase" button. Replacing the "Listening Spot" control in speaker mode.

    You've already got the tools to measure sound and the DSP engine. So it shouldn't be too much additional work to calculate the crossfeed parameters involving the typical delay and frequency response.

    Although you are focusing on other "things" this shouldn't be overlooked as it's as important as EQing, especially for people mixing or simply listening in headphones for extended periods of time. 

    Please reconsider

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    Marshall Thomson

    Yep - add another vote from me to the fact that this "thing" is about a central to your entire value proposition as any other "thing" could be, except perhaps some of the "things" that Waves are doing with their NX product (treated room simulation, etc..).

    This is especially true given the shortcomings of the Reference product in acoustic environments, given that the problems inherent in applying a crude eq curve to reflections arriving at the ear/brain at different times (and those corrections interfering with later arrivals, etc..) are the key challenge which headphone mixing has the opportunity to address! (as described much more eloquently right here:

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