'calibration limit control' max low frequency manually adjustable



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    Kārlis Stenders


    By the way, we do have a Subpac unit here at our headquarters for some more detailed research. We're quite busy with other projects at the moment, but we'll get to it and have Subpac compatible profiles eventually!


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    Daniel Tomlinson

    I agree.  In fact, I would like to propose an adjustable Multiband Dry/Wet option as an alternate to the current dry/wet mix knob.  For example, I would like to preserve the sound of my ribbon tweeters from about 10k and up without affecting corrections below 10k.  This feature could be beneficial for tailoring subwoofers and subpacs too.

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    Takuma Iwata

    It's been a while since Suggest but me too, I also want to request manual cutoff frequency adjustment.

    Curiously, a different low end was detected over than my expectation in another individual pair of the same model installed in the same environment.

    Result A with few low and Result B with many low, "Aggressive" of A and "Reduced" of B draw fairly close curves, but the "Reduced" of Result A I wanted cannot be reproduced with a pair of Result B.

    The low-end of each pair showed same low-end curve in other measurement applications, so some difference may have been made between Result-A to Result-B in the Reference 4 measurement.

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