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    Ryan McGuire (Edited )

    You would need to go to a place to have your ears tested. The problem is, you would essentially be the computer telling the software designer what frequencies you can hear.

    An audiologist might be able to give you some sort of frequency response curve for your particular situation. But ... if you don't have good medical coverage, you are stuck doing it yourself.

    Once you find your results, you can do a couple of things.

    Plot the points on the curve in the plugin

    Compare that with your results from the test and compensate.

    Buy an external digital master EQ and use that as your Room and headphone EQ.

    It's a big workaround, but it's about the best you can do with this software. I'd just use it as is, and add an extra EQ to your master buss with additional adjustments to compensate for your hearing situation.


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    Erik Häusler

    There is another thread bringing up the same issue.

    Anyone know of a common format for hearing test data output? One Sonarworks could use straight up - excluding the need for any interpretation on their part?

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