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    Uber Nemo

    Nobody else interested by this ?


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    Wojtek Kalinowski

    I'm interested in variable loudness compensation for headphones and speakers too.

    I do realize that is not easy to implement, however Audyssey managed to do it on consumer product.


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    Hugo Peterson (Edited )

    A few equal-loudness contour options would be an amazing.

    Mastering at 70db for an 83db or 85db standard, checking the mix at 120db for a festival master on small speakers or headphones, awesome!

    Could be implemented with the Simulate options...I presume the simulations superimpose on the loaded compensation yes? 10db bands of the latest ISO curves and Fletcher Munson would be easy to add..

    On that note a system level calibration option would be a good option also. will add a request for that.



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