How to combine compensation filtercurves with crossfeed tools?



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    Hi Julian,

    Thanks! Glad to hear the calibration result sounds good to you.

    When using an averaged calibration profile it is fine to insert the plugin before the crossfeed is applied because the correction is same for both channels.

    If, however, you were using an individual calibration profile (separate correction curve for each channel), you'd have to find a way to insert Reference after the crossfeed. It looks like this would not be possible when using Phonitor.

    At the moment we don't plan to implement a crossfeed feature in our plugin but there are other software solutions for this out there!

    Let me know if this helps.

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    Uber Nemo

    +1 for a good controllable crossfeed with adjustments to match HRTF.

    There are not many good plugins for headphones out there (I could count them with one hand). I think there's a real opportunity for your company to become a leader in that under-exploited but expanding field (because of pro studio work, home studios, audiophiles, more listening constraints of time and space, etc.).


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    Joris Vandeberg

    +2 for crossfeed in the headphone plugin AND Soundigo. 

    Would be great!!!

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    Mikhail Naganov

    Hi Julian,

    I'm a big fan of Phonitor as well. What I ended up doing is reconstructing Phonitor's crossfeed filters using a custom software plugin, and then inserting it before the headphone normalization plugin. Works great.

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