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    Justin Crosby (Edited )

    No Logic support?

    Seems pretty odd you'd release this feature without working out the detection issue in Logic.

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    Kārlis Stenders

    Hi Justin, 

    We definitely share your frustration - the developers have been working tirelessly to make the feature supported on all possible DAW's. Unfortunately it hasn't been possible with Logic for the reasons mentioned above.

    Hopefully a solution will be possible in the future, but for now we don't have a way of implementing the notification in Logic.

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    Panagiotis Kouvelis

    Very nice feature addition, I remember back in the old days, after rendering for hours to suddenly realize my room corrections was on, oh, the size of that facepalm! :-D

    Have in mind that in Reaper there is a nifty little solution that protects this from happening (after all the facepalms we got from not remembering).

    The solution is that there is a special place to load all the room/monitoring correction plugins that will be valid for all open project tabs (and projects within projects, usually used for mastering albums or exporting for film).

    This features a global bypass with smooth-switching to help A/B listening, etc.

    You just have to load the Reference plugin there and it will never render, while it will be always active while working within the sequencer.

    Here's a screenshot, in case you want to include this in this article for future reference.

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