Can I use other microphones?




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    where can I get that .txt file to edit it with my ECM8000?

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    OK1 (Edited )

    A correction is needed here, and I hope Sonarworks can be gracious enough to correct their erroneous advice :

    The Dayton Audio EMM-6 and other Dayton Audio measurement microphones all come with calibration files, which you can download from their web site using the unique serial number on the microphone.

    A very similar process to the calibration file process for the Sonarworks microphone.

    You go to the Dayton Audio website, enter your serial number and you get a text file...

    Details on this page(link below). and the same page accepts your serial number and provides you with a text file for your microphone.

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    Kārlis Stenders

    Thanks for that, I've updated the article!

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